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Employment Law

Employment law has developed significantly over the last number of years with the introduction of new employment legislation and the rulings of the courts and employment tribunals. An employer has an ongoing responsibility to ensure compliance with certain basic employment requirements. Such requirements have been created and are enforced by national and EU employment authority bodies to stop the discrimination and exploitation of employees in the workplace.

With the rise of redundancies and unemployment in recent years, employment rights issues are increasing at an exponential rate. The Citizens Information Board reported that 13% of queries answered annually related to the areas of employment, unfair dismissal and redundancy. Regardless of nationality or gender, all workers who are legally employed are afforded basic employment rights under current legislation and are entitled to seek to protect these rights if or when they are infringed upon. Similarly, all employers are under a duty to ensure that they comply with employers’ obligations in accordance with relevant legislation.

Buckley & Company Solicitors have a wealth of experience in providing expert advice to both employees and employers with regard to the issues, rights and duties which arise quite frequently in relation to employment law. Our practice specialises in all areas of employment law including age discrimination, gender discrimination, unfair dismissal, minimum wage issues, sexual harassment, annual leave entitlements, protection of maternity leave entitlements, issues surrounding health and safety in the workplace and matters relating to the contract employment, both from the perspective of the employee and the employer. Due to the complexity of employment rights issues it is important to handle each case in a professional, efficient and confidential manner. Buckley & Company advise in relation to all areas of employment law, acting on behalf of both employers and employees and our vast experience ensures a prompt, efficient and friendly service.

An employer is legally obliged to put into practice certain employment procedures for all members of staff. We have worked with numerous employers and successfully helped them to meet their legal obligations in relation to employee rights. The Terms of Employment (Information) Acts 1994 and 2001 specify that every employee who works for a wage or salary should be provided with a written statement outlining the terms of employment within the first two months. Our employment law expertise has vast experience in creating employment contracts and detailing terms of employment for new members of staff and we are happy to assist with any employment issues or queries which may arise in your business.

Key Employment Rights

Regardless of the industry an employee works in, an employer is legally bound to provide key employment rights including the following:
  1. A written statement of certain terms and conditions of employment provided within two months of commencing employment.
  2. The right to join a trade union.
  3. The right to equal treatment - regardless of gender, religion, age, race, sexual orientation, disability, family status, marital status or member of the travelling community.
  4. A written statement of pay outlining details of pay including all deductions.
  5. Unpaid breaks - you are entitled to a 15 minute break per 4 hours worked and a 30 minute break per 6 hours.
  6. The right to a minimum wage.
  7. Annual Leave - Full time workers are entitled to four working weeks paid annual leave per year.
  8. The right to a safe workplace - this includes protection from bullying, harassment and violence.
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